Meal selection

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Meal selection

You can record guest meal selections in the Meal field of the unknown_adult_16Guest properties window. If you have multiple courses you can separate them by commas.


If guests  have allergies or other special dietary requirements you can record this in the Special requirements field.

Meal selection can be displayed in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan, table_circular_16Table Plan, tablechart_16Table Chart, guestchart_16Guest Chart, stationery_16Stationery and stats_16Report panes.


Displaying meal selection in the Floor Plan pane (you can also select Meal from the Display drop-down list)

You can change the colours used in the visualization_colours_16Visualization colours window.


Displaying meal selection in the Table Plan pane (you can also click the Meal icon or select Meal from the Display drop-down list)



Displaying meal selection in the Guest Chart pane



Displaying meal selection in the Stationery pane

You can add coloured spots representing meal choices to place cards and other stationery.


Summarising meal selections in the Report pane

Professional edition only

You can report meal by table, group or other property in the stats_16Report pane.


Summarising meal selections by table in the Report pane