Align printing with my stationery

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Align printing with my stationery

If the printing doesn't align correctly with your stationery there are a number of possible causes:

The stationery template dimensions don't match the stationery. Verify the measurement against the stationery (including the units) and correct the stationery template if required.

The paper size set for your printer is incorrect.

The printer scaling property is not set to 100%.

Your printer positioning is incorrectly calibrated. Most printers have a built-in calibration function that can fix this. Try Googling: <your printer model> calibration.

To access your printer properties:

1.Select File>print_16Print in PerfectTablePlan.

2.Click on the Setup... button in the Print window.

3.Select the printer (if more than one).

If that doesn't work, try changing the scaling property for your printer to compensate for the inaccuracy.

You can also try exporting the stationery to PDF format and printing from Adobe Acrobat (or similar). Note that Adobe Acrobat also has a scaling property.

Even the best set-up printer may not be millimetre perfect. So we recommend that you don't position text or graphics close to the edge of a card, to avoid exacerbating positioning issues.

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