Organize guests by company/organization

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You can place all the guests from the same organization in a group together. Note however:

you won't be able be able to further group couples within this group (groups within groups are not supported)
all guests within a group share a single set of contact details

If using groups isn't convenient you can list the organization in the guest Notes field instead.

You can also list the organization on a separate line by using ** in the guest Display name field, e.g.:

Mr John Smith**Acme Ltd

See Names and titles for more details.

Advanced and Professional editions only

Alternatively you can add a custom field of type Selection or Text and store the organization name in this field. Using a custom field of type Selection has several advantages, including: better reporting, the ability to visualize the different organizations in different colours and (in the Professional edition) the option to use it in custom seat assignment.

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