VDU Chart pane

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The monitor_16VDU Chart pane shows a scrolling list of guest seat assignments. It is possible to show this pane in full screen mode. This can be very useful for displaying on a VDU or plasma screen at venue. But we strongly recommend you test this before an event to ensure that you your hardware/software is compatible with the screen and you have the correct cable.

It is not possible to change the plan from this pane.

Change the Display drop-down list to change the information displayed for each guest. The guests are always ordered by last name.

Note Anonymous guests are not shown.

Change the Columns to change the number of columns of guest information displayed.

Change the Text width to change the percentage of the width occupied by scrolling text. The remainder will display the floor plan. Set it to 100% to hide the floor plan. The image shown is a simplified version of your floor plan. To change the colour or other properties of the floor plan go to the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane.

Move the Speed slider right to increase the scrolling speed and left to decrease the scrolling speed.

Click the nav_next_16 button to start the text scrolling and the pause_16 button to pause it (only one of these is visible at any time).

Click the fullscreen_16 button to display this pane full screen. Press any key or click the mouse to exit full screen mode.

Click on the mac_reveal button to show additional options.

Click the Text font drop-down list, size edit or colour button to change the font, size or colour of the scrolling text. Check auto size to have the font size set automatically.

Click the Background colour button to change the background colour of the pane.

Click the Title... button to add/edit title text.

Professional edition only

Click the Footer... button to add/edit footer text.

Click the Terms... button to change the column headers used (e.g. to another language).

videoVideo with audio (2:17 minutes)

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