Select multiple items

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In the couple_16Guests, group_16Groups or schematic_16Schematic pane:

To select multiple individual items command_key2+click on each item.

To select a group of items click on the first item and Shift+click on the last item.

To select multiple groups of items command_key2+click on the first item in each group and Shift+command_key2+click.

To select multiple items in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan or table_circular_16Table plan pane:

Hold down the left mouse button and drag a 'rubber box' around the items you want to select; or

command_key2+click on each item.

To select all visible items in any of the above panes use Edit>Select All or command_key2+A.

Note You can edit a property for multiple guests by selecting Edit>Guest property.