Select Groups window

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The Select Groups window allows you select as many groups as you like. It is displayed when you set the For drop-down list to Selected... in the guestchart_16Guest Chart or stationery_16Stationery panes.

Unselected groups are shown in the left list. Selected groups are show in the right list.

Click Add> to add the group(s) currently selected in the left list to your selection.

Click Add all>> to add all group(s) to your selection.

Click <Remove to remove the group(s) currently selected in the right list from your selection.

Click <<Remove all to remove all groups(s) from your selection.

You Ctrl+click and/or Shift+click to select multiple groups. You can also double click a group to move it from one list to another.

Click OK to accept the changes and close the window.

Click Cancel to discard the changes.