Add a personalised map to the stationery

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Advanced and Professional editions only

You can use the you_are_here_16You are here button to add a personalised map image into each item of stationery. This map will show the appropriate seat, seats or table, depending on whether the Item per drop-down list is set to Guest, Group or Table.



You may need to make the 'You are here' image quite large for it to be legible, especially if you have lots of tables.

To add a 'You are here' image in the stationery_16Stationery pane:

1.Ensure that the design_16Design tab is at the front.

2.Click on the you_are_here_16You are here button at the bottom of the stationery_16Stationery pane.

3.Click the cross hair cursor where you want to place the centre of the image.

4.Set the image across and down size.

5.Click rotate_16Rotate to rotate the image as required.

6.Click on the preview_16Preview tab of the stationery_16Stationery pane to see how the images will appear when merged.

videoVideo with audio (0:49 minutes)

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