Back-up files

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There are many ways you can lose your work on a computer including: power outages; hardware failure; human error; and software errors. To guard against this PerfectTablePlan can create back-ups of your plan files. This saves you from continually saving to a new name file, e.g., etc.

Depending on the choices in the prefs_16Preferences window the software can create automatic back-ups of the software:

every time you File>save_16Save the plan
every time you do an auto-assignment
every n minutes (assuming the plan has been changed in that n minutes)

Note Plans with more than 30 guests will only be backed up if you have purchased a licence key.

Backup files are created in a 'backup' folder in your plans folder. These back-ups are created with the extension .tpb (Table Plan Backup) and include a time and date stamp. For example, if you save at 17:42:05 on 11th February 2005 it will create a backup file myplan_2005-02-11T17-42-05.tpb . If some problem occurs with (or you just want to compare it with the older version) you can open myplan_2005-02-11T17-42-05.tpb and File>Save As it as a new .tp file.

To open a back-up file:

select File>open_16Open or the equivalent Main tool bar button, the Open window will appear
select Table planner backup (*.tpb) in the Files of type drop-down.


navigate to the folder containing the backup files, usually:


select the back-up file you want and click the Open button

If you can't find your back-up files try searching your harddisk using the Find Plan Files window.

Note Any number of back-up files on your harddisk will be useless if your harddisk dies. Make sure you back up to separate storage devices.