The help system

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Help is available in a number of different ways.

Context sensitive help

Context sensitive help provides detailed information on the use of each pane and window. To access context sensitive help press command_key2? or click on a Help button.This opens help in a separate window.

The Mac OS X Help Viewer

The Macintosh Help is similar to the Windows Help, but is displayed inside a web browser window. If you can't see the contents tree in the left pane, try enabling Java in your browser.

PDF help

A PDF version of the help is also installed with the application. You may find this more suitable for printing.

'How do I?' help

Click on the How do I? button on the tool bar to see a list of common tasks you might want to perform. Click on an item in the list to go to the relevant help page. The list of topics shown varies depending on what you are trying to do (e.g. which panes are visible).

Tool tips

Some controls display tool tip windows when you hover your mouse cursor over them. You can turn this feature on/off using the show tool tips checkbox in the prefs_16Preferences window.

'What's This' help

What's This help provides tips on individual controls, e.g. on the function of tool bar buttons, menu items, text entry fields etc.

To access What's This help from the Main window select Help>What's This. Then click on the item you are interested in and a brief description will appear in a small What's This window.

Note pressing Shift+F1 also activates this facility for the Main window.

Web pages

Additional documentation may be available on our web pages. To open the web pages in a browser select Help>FAQ Page or Help>web_16Web Pages.