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Every guest belongs to a group, even if they are the only member of the group, and each group has a single set of contact details. We therefore recommend that guests are grouped according to their address, e.g. by family or work-place. You can easily reassign guests between groups by dragging them to another group in the couple_16Groups pane or using Edit>Change Group....

You can drag a whole group to the floorplan_16Floor Plan, table_circular_16Table Plan or scematic_16Schematic panes by either:

dragging a group from the couple_16Groups pane; or
holding down the Shift key and dragging a guest from that group from the unknown_adult_16Guests, couple_16Groups, floorplan_16Floor Plan, table_circular_16Table Plan or scematic_16Schematic panes

Whether guests should sit together is determined by the proximities set in the heart_16Proximity pane and not by group. This gives you the flexibility to use the automatic assignment to separate members of a group (e.g. if you don't want to sit couples and work colleagues next to each other). However couples, families and groups are set to sit heart_16next to or smile_16near to each other by default.

You can easily see where different members of a group are sat by click on the group_16Groups button in the floorplan_16Floor Plan pane.


Different groups are shown in different colours for up to 100 groups - the colours are selected automatically.