Most recently accessed window

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The most_recent_16Most recently accessed window is a convenient way to open plans that you have been recently opened or saved, rather than having to search your computer for them. To display this window select File>most_recent_16Open recent... or click on the equivalent Main tool bar button.

Plan files are shown in the order they were last opened/saved (most recent at the top).

Check open read-only to open the plan as read-only. This can be useful when you have multiple-users accessing the same plan file.

To display this window every time PerfectTablePlan select Show this window from the At start-up drop-down list. It will only be displayed at start-up if there is at least one file in the list and a file has not already been loaded (e.g. by double clicking on a plan file to start PerfectTablePlan).

To open a plan file select it in the list and click the OK button or double click on the plan file. To close the window without opening a plan click the Cancel button.