Statistics pane

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The stats_16Statistics pane shows simple summary statistics for your plan. It is not possible to make changes to the plan from this pane.

You can copy the contents of the whole pane to the clipboard as plain text and HTML using Edit>copy_16Copy. Use right click and Copy to copy selected text to the clipboard.

When you are happy with the layout you can print this page with File>print_16Print.

You can export the pane as an Excel CSV, plain text or HTML file using File>exp_16Export... and selecting statistics to text/CSV/HTML file. Select Excel CSV file, Text file or HTML file from the Save as type drop-down in the exp_16Export window. Plain text may be useful for emailing to your caterer. HTML preserves the layout and is useful for web pages and other HTML-aware applications, such as Microsoft Word. CSV files can be opened as Excel spreadsheets.