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You can print the contents of the floorplan_16Floor plan, table_circular_16Table plan, table_chart_16Table chart, guest_chart_16Guest chart, stationery_16Stationery and stats_16Statistics panes. Bring the appropriate pane to the front of the Top pane and select File>print_16Print or the equivalent Main tool bar button. The print_16Print window will appear.


The controls displayed will depend on the pane that you are printing.

If you only have a standard size (e.g. A4) printer you might find that text on the floorplan_16Floor plan pane isn't very legible when printed to a single A4 sheet. You may have to span multiple sheets or print it on a larger format printer. See printing legible plans on a small format printer.

You can also copy or export your floor plan, table chart or guest chart to other applications, and print them from there, by using Edit>copy_16Copy or File>exp_16Export.

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