Fonts and colours window

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The paint_16Fonts and colours window allows you to change fonts and colours/gradients in the floorplan_16Floor plan, table_circular_16Table plan,table_chart_16Table chart and guest_chart_16Guest chart panes. To display this window click the paint_16 button at the top of the appropriate pane. The exact appearance of the window depends on the which pane is at the front. Use 'themes' to load and save groups of font and colour choices.

Select coloured buttons to set the colours/gradients for the appropriate text, tables, seats and backgrounds. Some of these button may give you choice of a single colour or a gradient.

Click Font... to set the appropriate font.

Click on the right_arrow_16 button to load the selected theme from the Themes list.

Click on the left_arrow_16 button to save the existing colours and fonts into the Themes list for future use.

Click on the delete_16 button to delete the selected theme from the Themes list.

Click More fonts to go to the PerfectTablePlan fonts web page.

Click Default to set all colours and fonts back to their original settings.

The effects of changes are shown in the Preview.

Click OK to accept the changes and close the window. Click Apply to apply the changes without closing the window. Click Cancel to discard the changes and close the window.

Once a theme has been created it will be available for other plans.