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Data in PerfectTablePlan can be exported in a variety of formats for use in other applications, such as image editors, spreadsheets and wordprocessors.

Select File>exp_16Export... to display the Export window.


Select guest and seating data to CSV/text file to export data in a flexible, text form for import by other applications, such as spreadsheets. The exp_16Export data window will appear. This window allows you to specify which guest properties to export and what file format to use. For export to a spreadsheet or database you would typically export an Excel CSV file. See the exp_16Export data window page for more details.

vCard file

Select guest data to vCard file to export guest data in a form that can be imported into most applications with address books, including Outlook, Palm Pilot desktop and Apple Address Book. The Export vCard window will appear. This window allows you to specify which guests to export and whether to export each guest to a separate vCard file. See the Export vCard window page for more details.


Select a pane to export to PDF to create a vector image file. Select a pane to export to PNG, JPG or BMP format to create a raster image file.

PDF format gives the best quality when you need to enlarge an image. PNG is a good compromise between size and quality. JPEG files are small, but are of low quality. BMP files can be very large and are not usually recommended. To export a BMP, JPEG or PNG image as large as possible check export image as large as possible in the prefs_16Preferences window.


Recommended format

Large and/or high quality prints


Outputting to an image for modification in Photoshop/PaintShop/Paint


Small file size/low quality images



Select a pane to export to CSV, text or HTML to export the appropriate pane as text.

HTML retains some of the formatting, but not the font size as there is no direct way to translate point size into HTML. You should be able to reset the font size easily enough in the other application. Also the chart layout can look cramped if the chart is too big for the other application. You may be able to fix this by reducing the font size, changing the page orientation to landscape and/or reducing the number of columns in the chart.

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