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Charity Fundraiser Planning



Creating a seating plan for a charity fundraiser event can be a lot of work if you don’t have the right tool for the job. Save yourself hours of effort and avoid embarrassing mistakes by swapping those scraps of paper and spreadsheets for PerfectTablePlan.

"It enables me to visualise the seating plan for our large charity dinner (two rooms, one with 410 diners, the other 100 diners). Before your product I had to try and do the plan on scraps of paper that took me ages! ... It will probably save me days of hard work this year and beyond. Thank you for providing an application that is exactly what I have been looking for." Paul, SF Ball Ltd

“I chair a 500 person event each year for charity. Your software has been a tremendous help to me.” LaWanna Lincoln, Animal Rescue League of El Paso

“I love it, its absolutely perfect. I have been looking for something like this forever, but I have never been able to find it.” Luke, Charleston, USA, Luke Wilson Special Events

“Just want to let you know your program is working BEAUTIFULLY for my 2,500 guests! I've actually had fun (!) using it this weekend. This program is an event planner's dream come true. Thanks for anticipating all of my needs!” Jodi, In Any Event, Michigan, USA

“Our organization has 2 events per year with over 600 participants per year. This year, with the help of Perfect Table Plan, our check-in process was completely flawless. I would highly encourage anyone to purchase and use this program. It was very user friendly and I learned it very quickly.” Susie, Scottsdale, USA

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charity fundraiser seating plan

PerfectTablePlan is well suited for creating seating plans for charity fundraiser events



Key PerfectTablePlan features for charity fundraiser planning:

  • Powerful features save you precious time and effort.
  • Drag and drop guests onto seats - no more fiddling with scraps of paper or cutting and pasting into spreadsheets.
  • Specify who you want to sit together or apart and let PerfectTablePlan assign seats.
  • Can handle 4000+ guests.
  • Draw scale floor plans.
  • Experiment with table sizes and shapes.
  • Track RSVPs, budget and meal preferences.
  • Create reports for caterers and suppliers.
  • Save re-typing by importing guest names and details from Excel and other formats.
  • Re-use previous seating plans as templates for new seating plans.
  • Accommodate last minute changes with minimal stress.
  • Print elegant plans, charts and stationery, including floor plans, table charts, guest lists, escort cards, place cards, table cards and badges.
  • Use for any number of events.
  • No recurring fees. Use indefinitely for a single payment.
  • 3 separate editions (Home, Advanced and Professional) to suit all requirements and budgets.
  • Available for Windows and Macintosh. A single licence covers both platforms.
  • Used and trusted by many organizations and charities around the world.



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